Easy Drive

Easy Drive is designed to keep you one step ahead in your busy life. With the ability to set multiple Drives and schedules, Easy Drive can notify you of the fastest route to your destination. Whether its your daily commute to work or a weekend getaway Easy Drive can inform you of the fastest route as soon as you get going.

Have a drive scheduled for a busy weekend? Use the Drive Planner that leverages historical data and considers alternatives to routes that are typically congested at that time to give you the fastest route information.

Want to set a reminder so that you leave at the witching hour? Easy Drive can create an event on your Calendar in advance for the appointed time with the fastest route information.

Manage your Drive schedules or Drive types (e.g., Business or Leisure) by picking a Drive theme color.

Want to re-order your Drives? Long press a Drive and re-order by dragging and dropping it to the right spot.

Found the fastest route but want detailed directions too? See every turn of every route directly on the detailed map. Need more details? Drill down into the turn-by-turn list.

Want voice-assisted guidance? We directly integrate with Apple Maps, Google Maps, Bing Maps and Waze navigation apps to get you on your way.

Calendar Event Reminders

Do you have a busy schedule and need to account for drive times?

Do you need to depart or arrive at a specific time of day?

Create a Calendar Event!  We will put an alarm on your Android or iOS calendar for future reference.


The fastest route for every drive is always available on the Drives screen.

Want to kick off turn-by-turn navigation using your favorite apps? We have it covered.

Want to see alternate routes? See every turn of every route directly on the detailed map.  

Want even more details about a route?  Drill down into the turn-by-turn list.

Fastest Route Notifications

Each day and each hour are not the same.  Accidents happen.  Construction happens.  Delays happen. Traffic happens.

Every time you leave a place, be proactively notified about the fastest route based on current travel conditions.

Easy Drive will tell which route to take, the approximate travel time, and the expected time of arrival.

Drive Planner

Want to know the best time to leave the house for an upcoming trip?  Check out the Drive Planner.

Experiment with dates and times to see what you can expect for your drive.

Easy Drive leverages historic traffic patterns to predict travel times for you.